21 May 2010

Date                    : Saturday, June 12, 2010

Time                   : 10.00am to 1.00pm

Meeting Place    :  Batu Caves staircase, latest by 9.45am

Fees: RM20 per person (NAGCM members), RM30 per person (Non- members)

(Children below 7 years old are not encouraged. Parents have to be there to take responsible of their own children, eventhough there are tour guide and helpers).

This is a guided trip by a professional cave warden into the ‘Hidden World’ created over millions of years ago by water, which ran through the cracks of limestone and formed the cave you see today. Water still runs through this cave creating wondrous formations, which are a few thousands of years old.  This trip will enable you to experience personally the wondrous work of nature.


Available under Batu Caves management at the base of stairs with a fee of RM0.20 for toilet facility and RM1.00 for shower facility.

Things to bring for the visit:-

  1. Helmet and a head light will be provided
  2. Since this is an outdoor activity, please wear clothing which you do not mind getting dirty.  Wear long sleeves and  long pants.
  3. Wear good footwear eg: old sport shoes.  No slippers and sandals allowed due to safety reasons.
  4. Drinking water and some snacks.
  5. A full set of clean clothings for changing (bring slippers to be used in shower room).
  6. Toiletries -shampoo, soap for shower.

Registration and Payment

Places are limited and on a first-pay-first-serve basis.

Deadline for registration is June 6, 2010

Please email your particulars to Aileen

  1. Name of all participants : Parents and children
  2. Children’s ages
  3. Contact number
  4. Photocopies of a bank-in-slip or e- banking slip (bank payments into our account: email Aileen for details)

If you have any questions about the trip in general (other than registration) please email Christine.



30 March 2010

Title of Session: Gifted Education : Constraints and Opportunities
Guest speaker: Prof James Watters, QUT
Date: Thursday , April 1, 2010
Time: 8.30pm -10pm
Venue: Dewan Arif, Blok Pentadbiran, Fakulti Pendidikan , Universiti Malaya

Admission is FREE.  Please register via email to or sms 016 2741688

About our guest speaker…

Prof. James Watters is an Associate Professor in Education at the Queensland University of Technology (QUT). His areas of research interest include: learning in science and mathematics, inquiry based science, investigations in mathematics, problem based learning, gifted education, and teacher professional development at all levels of education.  He has supervised graduate students working in these areas and continues to explore more effective ways of supporting teachers to challenge students gifted in science and mathematics.
Prof Watters is also vice president of the Queensland Association for Gifted and Talented students and Queensland Director of the Australasian Association for the Education of the Gifted and Talented. Prof. Watters is also Chairperson for  Funding Committee of the Non-State Schools Accreditation Board (2006 – ).
He has received the QUT Award for Outstanding Contribution in 2000 and awards for science education and gifted education initiatives.

This will be an informal session and Prof Watters plans to talk about how Queensland Association for the Gifted and Talented works to support parents and relate to schools to address the constraints and opportunities faced for the gifted in the educational system. As he is somewhat familiar with the constraints in Malaysia’s school system, having trained teachers in Institut Perguruan Raja Melewar (IPRM), he indicated we could have a lively discussion on ideas that could be implemented in Malaysia.

In the Q&A session, the audience are free to ask any other questions relating to his expertise.

Do tell your friends, especially friends and educators about this exciting, not-to-be-missed session and hope to see you there!

Kind regards

Persatuan Untuk Kanak-kanak Bergeliga, Malaysia

National Association for Gifted Children, Malaysia

Visit to Organic Farm

14 January 2010

Field Trip to Organic Farm- 31st of January 2010 (Sunday)

We are organising an educational trip to an organic farm! If you are interested in exploring organic farming, vermicomposting, and activities like weeding, hoeing, and planting,  you are very welcome to join us for this field trip.

Date                : 31st of January 2010 (Sunday)
Time                : 9.00 am arrival at Bandar Harapan Enterprise
Tour                : 9.30 am – 12 noon

Our tour will be led by Mr. Ivan Ho, who is an agriculture consultant, and herbalist. He will explain about cultivation and organic farming procedures.
It is recommended to bring along the following items if you think you may need them: hat/cap, umbrella, drinking water, pen and notebook
Please email if your child would like to participate in this event.

Talk by Gifted Expert from Johns Hopkins USA (18 Dec 09)

10 December 2009

Dear All,
An exciting, not-to-be-missed talk organised by the National Association for Gifted Children, Malaysia

Dr. Simeon Brodsky, Director for International Division, Johns Hopkins University, Center for Talented Youth, USA. Mr. Brodsky has over 20 years of experience in gifted education. He is currently overseeing the PERMATApintar Holiday Camp for the Gifted at UKM.

Topic: When Gifted Children Grow Up: Preparing Them for the Challenges of Adulthood

There will be a panel discussiion after the talk. Panelists will also include a parent and an NAGCM representative.

Date: 18 December 2009 (Friday, public holiday)

Time: 2.30-5pm

Venue: Shah’s Village Hotel, Petaling Jaya ( next to Taman Jaya LRT)

Fee: Non-members RM20
Members RM10
Children 12 years and below: non-members RM10, members Free

Brief Programme
2.30pm-3pm Registration
3pm- 4pm Talk
4pm-5pm Panel Discussion

To register, remit payment to the following account:
Bank Muamalat, account no. 1205-000-2206716 payable to NAGCM

For registration details contact William h/p: 0162866617
fax: 03 9236 7333

CERTIFICATION COURSE for Educators of Gifted Children

21 May 2009

DATE: 6-10 July 2009

VENUE: Social Security Training Institute (ESSET), Bangi


  • Teachers (Smart Schools, Cluster Schools, Sekolah Berasrama Penuh & Others)
  • Other Educators
  • Parents
  • Policymakers


At the end of the workshop, participants will acquire competency in the following areas :

  • Identification and assessment that meets Gifted and Talented Education (GATE) Standards.
  • Social and emotional needs of gifted students.
  • Strategy development for twice – exceptional students.
  • Modification of instructional plans to meet    students’ needs.
  • GATE Program Standards and their application within a standard based curriculum.
  • Differentiation of curriculum content, learning process and product created based on students’ readiness, learning profile and interests.
  • Designing standard based lessons with support and challenge for all students.
  • Modifying of curriculum based on assessment, with tiered assignments, curriculum compacting, independent projects, learning centers, the use of varied technology and interdisciplinary thematic instruction.


6 July

The Nature of the Gifted

  • Characteristics of the gifted
  • Identification process
  • Twice identified students

7 July

The Nature of the Gifted

  • Social and emotional needs of the gifted
  • Student readiness, interest, and learning profiles

8 July

The Advocacy for the Gifted

  • Current research
  • Parental and Community Involvement
  • Brain-Based Learning, The Foundation for Differentiating Instruction

9 July

Differentiation and Gifted Education

  • Exploration and application of a variety of strategies for differentiation
  • Curriculum Compacting
  • Tiered Assignments
  • Differentiation – Kaplan’s icons

The Law and Gifted Students

  • History of gifted education
  • The law and GATE Standards

10 July

Design Differentiated Curriculum Lessons and/or Study of Malaysia’s GATE Standards Implementation


Marilyn Lane is an educational consultant and past president of the California Association for the Gifted. She received a Master of Arts degree and an administrative credential from California State University at San Jose. She has been a classroom teacher, a library media coordinator, and teacher of the gifted. Her administrative positions include Director of GATE in an international school, elementary school principal, and Coordinator of Gifted Services. Marilyn is an international consultant in gifted education and “Creating Caring School Environments.” She has been teaching certification classes in differentiation and gifted education in various counties in California. She is also an adjunct professor at Santa Clara University. Marilyn Lane is past president of the California Center for Self-Esteem and currently serves on the advisory board for the National Council for Self-Esteem and the International Council for Self-Esteem. She is the author of articles on giftedness and social studies curriculum. She has co-authored a book on parenting. She has presented at numerous conferences both here and abroad. She divides her times between her homes in California and Arizona.

Nora Ho is the principal of Ruskin Elementary School for Berryessa Union School District. An educator for over 30 years, Mrs. Ho received her Bachelor of Arts with a Major in History and Minor in Spanish and her Master of Arts in Elementary Education with an emphasis on Reading, from San Jose State University. From the University of Santa Barbara, she completed her Reading Specialist Credential and an Administrative Credential. Her jobs have included all grade levels from Pre-school to University level. She has been a GATE classroom teacher, a reading resource teacher, a GATE resource teacher, site and district level GATE coordinator and currently, a K-5 Principal of a California Distinguished School. Nora is also a consultant in Gifted and Talented Education and Differentiated Instruction. She has taught GATE certification classes for both Solano Country Office of Education, Siskiyou Country Office of Education, and Santa Clara Country Office of Education, which culminated in GATE Certification for teachers. She has also been involved in teaching a graduate level class, focusing on implementation of differentiated instruction at Santa Clara University. Mrs. Ho is an active member of California for the Gifted Association and has given numerous workshops at the statewide and world conference. In her free time, Mrs. Ho enjoys fishing, hiking, reading and writing.

(Please print, fill it in and send it by PosMalaysia, with your registration fees)

PERMATApintar update

21 May 2009

Dear All,

Briefly, the meeting was to update those present on the status of the PERMATApintar project. To date about 37,000 children have done the PERMATApintar UKM1 assessment but that is still short of the targeted one million. Apart from working closely with the Ministry of Education (MoE) to increase the number, more publicity would be required to achieve the target (or close to it) by end of June.

On 28th May, the MoE plans to have a chat session with graduates of the Johns Hopkins University Centre for Talented Youth Summer Camp and school children. They seek NAGCM members’ contacts and network to source these people out. If you know of anyone who has been to the JHU CTY Summer Camp, I would deeply appeciate it if you could let me know via email or phone. We would like them to share their experiences.

If you also have ideas, suggestions and comments on the project, would be happy to hear from you too.

NAGCM president

CALL FOR PAPERS (for high school students)

21 May 2009

We are looking for the best history research papers we can find by secondary students from anywhere in the English-speaking world. Papers may be on any historical topic, ancient or modern, domestic or foreign, and should be 4,000-6,000 words or more [one of our Emerson Prize winners this year had 15,292 words on the Soviet-Afghan War by Colin Rhys Hill of Atlanta, Georgia…see our website], and with Chicago-style (Turabian) endnotes and bibliography. Authors should send a printed copy to the address below, and may include a Macintosh disk with the paper in Microsoft Word.

We have published 857 exemplary history papers by high school students from 44 states and 35 other countries since 1987. There is a submission form on our website and 60 examples of papers we have published. The submission fee is $40, to The Concord Review, and the author receives the next four issues of the journal. We publish about 7% of the papers we receive.

John Silber of Boston University wrote that: “The Concord Review is one of the most imaginative, creative, and supportive initiatives in public education. It is a wonderful incentive to high school students to take scholarship and writing seriously.” Denis Doyle wrote that: “One of the most remarkable publications in American education sails proudly on though it is virtually unsung and almost unnoticed except among a small coterie of cognoscenti: The Concord Review. It is time once again to sing its praises and bring it to the attention of the larger audience it so richly deserves.”

“Teach by Example”
Will Fitzhugh [founder]
Consortium for Varsity Academics [2007]
The Concord Review [1987]
Ralph Waldo Emerson Prizes [1995]
National Writing Board [1998]
TCR Institute [2002]

730 Boston Post Road, Suite 24
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978-443-0022; 800-331-5007