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Random Questions and Answers

Gifted children are said to be extra sensitive and emotional towards their surroundings, as parents of a gifted child, how do you handle this?

It is important to affirm their feelings and not to ever trivialize them by being dismissive or patronizing. At the same time it is important to teach them constructive ways of handling their feelings. For example, a gifted child may get upset when hearing about poor children in a distant country – respond by affirming that their empathy is admirable and follow up by suggesting small ways in which they can help those other children such as starting a blog to raise awareness, joining a charity drive that helps them, or some other such thing that is achievable by the child.

It is important to recognize that while the extra sensitivity or emotionalism may seem problematic to a parent, it is actually a strength and if properly harnessed is the underlying trait that moves the world’s great humanitarians such as Mother Teresa or Nelson Mandela. Improperly handled however, this same trait can degenerate into depressive disorder or a cynical apathy towards the world at large.

Extremely naughty or actual genius?

No child is an actual genius. I have made this clear through my definitions. So the question would now be “extremely naughty or gifted?”

An explanation has already been given with regards giftedness. Naughtiness does not factor in it. Naughtiness is an adult’s perception – if by “naughty” you mean asks a lot of questions and etc, all children do this by nature, not only gifted children. Typically, this natural human trait is stamped out by strict authoritarianism on the part of caregivers (parents, grandparents, nannies, teachers) as they force the child to conform to whatever behaviour standards they decide upon – “naughty” children are called such when they do not comply to such adult rules. Any child may refuse to comply, gifted or not.


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