About NAGC Malaysia

The national association was established in 1987 to advocate for the needs of gifted children in Malaysia. Our work is similar to other NAGC charities around the world. We provide support for parents of children with high learning potential regardless of circumstance, age and background.

Of every 100 children, at least two can be classified as outstandingly high in intellectual, creative or social ability. Giftedness knows not creed, colour or class. The gifted learn quickly. As infants, gifted children pass the early milestones rapidly, talking early and learning to read before starting school. They have a thirst for knowledge of unusual subjects, and ask questions with insatiable curiosity.

Only 3, but already looking at more than just the animals

Only 3, but already looking at more than just the animals

These children are tomorrow’s leaders, scientists, artists, musicians and managing directors; their potential represents a national asset we cannot waste. We should take action to ensure that these national assets are identified and developed.

We have fixed the broken links to our membership application. Our apologies for the delay and inconveniences caused. Please let us know if you find any broken link or information that should be updated. We appreciate your comments and suggestions.

Aims & Objectives of NAGC Malaysia

DISCLAIMER: In keeping with its objectives to, among others, advocate and support the needs of the gifted, the volunteers of NAGC Malaysia may in the course of carrying out these functions be called upon or of their own volition share their knowledge and individual experiences and offer advice where solicited. As such, the NAGC Malaysia and/or its members shall not be held liable for such sharing of information, knowledge and/or advice.Those seeking help are reminded that the NAGC Malaysia is run by concerned volunteers who are willing to sacrifice their own time to help those in need. There are and will always be limitations to the assistance that can be rendered by these well meaning and committed volunteers. Accordingly we seek your co-operation in not placing unrealistic expectations on them. If you have any serious concerns about your child, you should always consult with a qualified professional.


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